Exploring Human Life Through Stories

Human life evolves through curiosity.

Yes, there is an instinct and a need to live and survive.

But it is the curiosity that leads the human mind towards different spaces that humanity has created for itself – science, belief and religion, philosophy, literature, and art.

Human Life Needs A Purpose

Whatever the endeavor, the motivation is to make meaning of the life within us and around us.

Human beings have discovered so much and invented so many things, still, humanity at large is always seeking the purpose of life.

Happiness, undiluted joy, and a feeling of contentment are what the human mind and heart seek. Materialistic fulfillment becomes part of the need to survive and thrive.

Human Experience Is Interesting

The human experience is so rich and varied that it is worth exploring different views and perspectives about the world around us

.Writers and their writings are of great help in this.

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These writers may be famous or may not be that well-known. The words that they write and the stories that they tell are a window to the various shades of life experienced by human beings.

Our main aim is to focus on the unique and interesting parts of the stories that we mention here. Sometimes we may go into deeper details of the tales that have a lot to offer.

We aim to find out different accounts related to people, places, and things – simple, complicated, usual, unusual, young, and old. This is just the beginning. Let’s see what all stories we discover on this exploration.

Wish you Happy Reading and Sharing with others what you find interesting and valuable.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Human Life Through Stories”

  1. I agree with your comment “Happiness, undiluted joy, feeling of contentment is what the human mind and heart seek. Materialistic fulfilment becomes part of the need to survive and thrive.”

    It saddens me that much of our time is made up in the pursuit of material gains. Yes, we need to have food, shelter, and other basic necessities to live. I think we would all agree that it is more rewarding if we can live in comfort rather than squalor, so I to devote time and energy to achieve a certain level of comfort.

    However, wouldn’t life be so much more rewarding if more of our time was spent seeking and experiencing joy and happiness? Imagine what impact that would have on our societies, our families and on the planet herself. What a wonderful world that would be.

    Life is to be explored, and I am grateful that there are so many who have achieved happiness that have willingly shared their journeys with us through the written word!

    • Thank you for reading. Indeed a certain level of material comfort (which would mean different to different people) and joy in living (which stems out of things other than material) together make for a fulfilling life experience. It is always inspiring to read stories written about such lives.


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