Atomic Habits: Easy Efforts To Energize Your Life

Atomic Habits Review – The Main Message of The Book In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear presents the idea that you can transform and boost your life through consistent small efforts that compound over time. These little efforts can effectively build a strong foundation for productive and long-lasting habits. This is similar to the … Read more

Can We Choose To Be Happy? Habits Of A Happy Brain

Habits of a Happy Brain Summary The human brain inclines toward survival and the feeling of survival keeps the brain happy. This is the main point of this book by Loretta Breuning. She has based her book — Habits of a Happy Brain — on scientific research. Loretta has used her professional and personal experiences … Read more

Imelda Lahoz Argel – Her Life Radiates Inspiration and Courage

Imelda Lahoz Argel has shared her whole life in her book A Pebble That Floats – A Memoir To Inspire. It is interesting to read how she achieved all her personal and professional milestones. Imelda’s life story is inspirational for many reasons It is inspiring how Imelda strove to do her best in every situation … Read more

A List of Good Books To Read – 5 Different Stories by 5 Different People

Each of these 5 books is interesting and unique. These are the stories of different people belonging to various parts of the world. They represent different eras, different cultures, and different situations. The common thread of all these books is that they talk about people’s lives and experiences. All these stories are informative and inspiring … Read more

Beautiful North East India Sketched In A Travelogue

Backpacking North East India – Beautiful, Mesmerizing, and Fascinating The book Backpacking North East India – A Curious Journey by Abhijeet Deshpande, explores and captures the unique charm of this part of India. The main aim is to highlight the unrealized tourism potential that these states have. Abhijeet feels that people, even from other parts of … Read more

Exploring Human Life Through Stories

Human life evolves through curiosity. Yes, there is an instinct and a need to live and survive. But it is the curiosity that leads the human mind towards different spaces that humanity has created for itself – science, belief and religion, philosophy, literature, and art. Human Life Needs A Purpose Whatever the endeavor, the motivation … Read more

People in Sudha Murty’s Books – Her Tribute To Their Lives

Sudha Murty lives her life with passion and courage. She carries with herself a love for simplicity and a love for her country India, in her heart and on her person wherever in the world she goes. She proudly wears her Bindi, her Saree, and her  Salwar-Kameez. I respect and admire what she has achieved … Read more

Ruskin Bond – A Lifetime Of The Love For India

Here is a review of two of his books that clearly show his deep attachment to India. 1. STUMBLING THROUGH LIFE 2. MEMORIES OF HILLS AND DALES  Ruskin Bond has an exceptional capacity to entertain readers with his fascinating stories. You get a glimpse of India through the eyes of Ruskin. In these stories, you … Read more